Walsingham Associates – September 1 2015


As we come to the days of the month of September, recall that it is the month of the Holy Cross, with the feast of the “Exaltation of the Holy Cross’ being celebrated on Monday, September 14th.  There are, as well, during this month three days celebrated by Christians honoring Mary, who found her place at the foot of her Son’s cross, witnessing the agony of His death.  On the 8th of September, nine months following her Immaculate Conception (December 8th), we celebrate Mary’s birthday; four days later on the 12th. the feast of the Most Holy Name of Mary; and then three days later on the 15th, the day following Holy Cross Day, we remember Mary bearing the title, Our Lady of Sorrows.  As associates of the Holy House you will, of course, desire to keep these days with extra acts of devotion as appropriate in honoring Our Lady, and in seeking her intercession.
Fr. Lutz

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