Walsingham Associates – October 2015


OCTOBER, of course, we celebrate as the month of  the HOLY ANGELS, today, the 2nd, being the solemnity of the Holy Guardian Angels.  Within the month are two Marian Feasts: that of the Most Holy Rosary of the Blessed Virgin Mary celebrated on the 7th; and her feast of title as Our Lady of Walsingham on the 15th.  On Thursday the 15th, Mass at Saint James will be offered starting at 6:30 in the evening in honor of Our Lady of Walsingham with special intention for the good of the Holy House and Mary’s shrine, and the growth in numbers and holiness of those making pilgrimage to Walsingham.  How wonderful it would be to have those Walsingham Associates able to be present to join in the offering of Holy Mass, followed by prayers and intercessions at Mary’s shrine located at Saint James.  Later in the month on Saturday, the 24th, the Feast of Saint Raphael the Archangel, the Joyful Mysteries of the Rosary will be recited starting at 9:30 in the morning, followed by the monthly Requiem at 10:00 offered with particular intention for the repose of the souls of Associates who have departed this life, entering into the nearer Presence of the Lord in whom they trusted.  Jesu Mercy; Mary Pray. The times of these liturgical offerings are given to encourage your attendance.  If you should find that not possible might you not pause wherever you are at these times in joining in prayer uniting with us who are able to be present your intention with ours.

During this month of the Holy Angels we recall, in both word and song, Mary as both “higher than the cherubim, more glorious than the seraphim;” for it is she, the bearer of the eternal Word, who leads their praises, and ours as Queen of Angels and Saints.  Having the dignity of the Mother of the Son of God, Mary far surpasses all creatures both in heaven and on earth.  Belonging as well to “the offspring of Adam” she is one with us and all those who are to be saved.  John, at the foot of the cross, having been given by Mary’s Son into her care recalls for us too, that she is the Mother of the Members of Christ, Mother of the Church.  As one author has written: “To venerate the Mother of God therefore is not merely to venerate the noblest of human beings as a miracle of God’s grace, but to celebrate God’s mercy and love in taking human flesh in the Incarnation, to affirm the capacity of human nature and of matter itself to be a vehicle for the life and grace of God, and to celebrate the destiny of redeemed humanity, which will one day be glorified as Mary is glorified.” (Eamon Duffy)

May Our Lady intercede for you.  May the Holy Angels guard and protect you.  And may God’s blessing be upon you and in your hearts always.

Fr. Lutz

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