Walsingham Associates – Advent 2015


The current issue of “National Geographic” has a picture of the face of the Blessed Virgin Mary on its cover with the headline: MARY, The Most Powerful Woman in the World.  A rather lengthy article follows seeking to discover what it is that makes Mary the most powerful woman in the world.  She is the most depicted, with museum exhibits depicting paintings of her from every age, the most visited.  She is seen as accessible, less threatening and always on people’s side.  For many she is the universal woman as Christians would say, “the new Eve.”  As we prepare for the celebration of the Lord’s birth during this month of December, that of the Holy Nativity, we are drawn to Mary, His mother.  She, who in her own immaculate conception is prepared by the Father to be the bearer of His Son.  She is the God-bearer who first and always shows us her Son.  Take time this Advent to draw close to Mary who draws us to her Son, Jesus born of her to be our Savior.

Marian festivals during the month of December include her Immaculate Conception on Tuesday the 8th, with a celebration of Mass at Saint James at 6:30 in the evening; and that of Our Lady of Guadalupe celebrated on Saturday, the 12th.  If you are unable to be present at Mass you may wish to recite the Rosary on these days.  THe joyful mysteries of the Rosary will be recited at Saint James starting at 9:30 A M on Saturday, December 19th, prior to a Requiem celebration at 10:00.   The 19th being an Ember Day, clergy who have served and ministered among God’s people at Saint James and who now are at rest in the peace of Christ, will be remembered with special intention at the Requiem.

Continue to pray for the Guardians of the Holy House of Our Lady of Walsingham as they continue to seek an administrator to care for the shrine.  May God raise up a faithful priest for the shrine.

“Our King and Savior now draws near; Come let us adore Him.”

Fr. Lutz

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