Walsingham Associates – Easter 2016


Easter Blessings!  Saturday, June 4th, will arrive rather quickly as we move through the Easter feast into the joy of the first gift of our Risen Lord to all of faith, that of His Spirit coming to His Church on that first Pentecost. Soon after we than make pilgrimage to Saint James, honoring there at her shrine Our Lady of Walsingham.  I ask your continued and serious prayer for the success of our pilgrimage, praying  for both an increase in numbers and of holiness of life for those dedicated to Our Lady and her Son for whom she bids our love and devotion.  To this end you will find attached a “NOVENA OF WEEKS” with each associate being assigned a week in which to pray with care and devotion.  Attached as well are suitable prayers for your use and the suggestion that at least one decade of the Rosary be offered each day for the success of our pilgrimage, and the increase of our faith.  While each associate is specifically asked to cover a particular week of the NOVENA, you may, of course, commit yourself to the entire nine weeks of prayer.  A suitable prayer  to be used in preparation for the 52nd Annual Pilgrimage will be suggested for use by the Saint James congregation as together we seek the blessing of God and the  favor of His Holy Mother for the success of our offering of praise and thanksgiving as we gather in pilgrimage on the 4th of June. 

Christ is Risen.  Alleluia.

The Lord is Risen, indeed.  Alleluia. 

Fr. Lutz

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