Trinity XI Bulletin – 2017

The Eleventh Sunday After Trinity

August 27, 2017

Morning Prayer at 10:00 AM

Sung Mass at 10:30 AM


Prelude            “How fair and pleasant art thou”           Marcel Dupre       

Asperges me  

The Mass begins on page B 26  of “The Anglican Missal”.

The “Propers” (Introit, collects, etc.) for Trinity XI may be found on

page C 71– C 72   of “The Anglican Missal”

At the Reception and Licensing of the Rev. Christopher Lake Harner, as Priest in the Anglican Catholic Church

(All proceeds by permission of the Rt Rev. Rommie M. Starks, Bishop Ordinary of the Anglican Diocese of the Midwest)

GOOD People, this is he whom we purpose, God willing, to receive this day unto the holy Office of Priesthood in this Church, having previously been lawfully and validly ordained to the same Office; for, after due examination, we find not to the contrary, but that he has willingly accepted the lawful authority of this Church and accepted as true its Doctrine, Discipline, and Worship.  But yet, if there be any of you who knoweth any Impediment, or notable Crime, in him, for the which he ought not to be so licensed as priest in this Church, let him come forth in the Name of God, and show what the Crime or Impediment is.

The Declaration of Conformity.

The Declaration of Submission to the

Constitution and Canons of the Holy Synod,

The Provincial Synod, and Diocesan Synod.

The Oath of Canonical Obedience.

The Declaration Against Simony.

The License of the Bishop of the Midwest.


Kyrie eleison 

Gloria in excelsis                    Missa de Angelis


The Epistle Lesson 

Gradual & Alleluia  

The Holy Gospel:  

The Nicene Creed

The Sermon                                   The Rector 


Offertory Hymn         “Rise, crowned with light”

                                     American (1940) Hymnal  389

 Prayer for the Whole State of Christ’s Church           

The General Confession

Sanctus  et Benedictus            Missa de Angelis

The Canon of the Mass 

Agnus Dei                                     Missa de Angelis            


Communion Hymn       “Now my tongue, the mystery telling”

                                       American (1940) Hymnal  199

Post Communion Collect 

The Last Gospel 

The Angelus    

Final Hymn “Come, thou almighty King”

                           American (1940) Hymnal 271 

Postlude          “Allegro Grazioso”                                Frank Bridge

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