Our Lady of Guadalupe


Today, as we celebrate the feast of Our Lady under her dedication as Our Lady of Guadalupe we recall  her appearance to Juan Diego seeking him  “to believe in his heart of hearts that I am Mary, holy and perpetual Virgin…I desire above all things that you build for me here a holy place, a refuge, so that I may show my love and pity for your people.  Notice the sequence: first comes faith, then the grace to offer good works follows.  Incidentally, in Our Lady’s appearance to the Lady Richeldis she requests that a Holy House, a copy of the home in Nazareth, be built in Walsingham.  As Associates Our Lady we are reminded as we keep this feast day of our call to deepened faith and trust in Mary who always points us to Jesus with the words, “do whatever He tells you.”  In some small special way let Him take possession of you today, invite Him into your life in a new way, then go on with the work of building up  the Church showing always in your good work like Mary a love and pity for all of God’s people.  Remember to pray for the Church, that wonderful and sacred mystery, that the Church’s Lord would reveal her unity, guard her faith, and preserve her in peace.

Our Father….Ave Maria….Amen

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