Trinitytide – 2016

From the Rector:

As I write this letter, I realize that it’s delivery to you is quite tardy. After all, it might seem strange for a “Trinitytide” letter to be delayed until after the eighth week of the season. To be sure, I could offer any number of “reasons” why this is so; I have been very busy with such things as the Diocesan Synod, the Annual Walsingham Pilgrimage, and two Requiem Masses; in addition to my usual schedule of week-day Masses and visitations. And above all these things, our copier has been broken down! But these are nothing more than excuses.

We have become very proficient at inventing any number of “reasons” to justify our failure as Christians. We cannot afford to give more money to the Church. We cannot make the time to attend week-day services. We are even prohibited from being at Mass on Sunday because of our vacations, business trips, or “family commitments”.  Particularly during the Summer months, it is all too easy for us to avoid our commitment to God, using all those old and tired “reasons” for doing so. But all of these are simply attempts to excuse our failure; an effort to release ourselves from our obligations as followers of Christ.

It is time for us to become just as proficient at realizing all the reasons why we should, indeed we must, begin to fulfill that obligation. In the coming weeks, we will be celebrating our Patronal Feast (July 24), and welcoming our Bishop as he makes his annual visit to our Parish (August 14). Additionally, on the same day as the Bishop’s visit, our annual Parish Picnic will be hosted once again by Drs. Harry and Claudia Hoyen. Both of these events are great and wonderful opportunities for the people of St. James to join together in unity and fellowship.

But even aside from these significant events, we need to understand that our commitment to God is realized not just in the extraordinary, but in the “ordinary” as well. This is why it is incumbent upon us to realize that it is through our ordinary actions, our daily commitment to the Church, that we will be known as a Christian people. And to do that, we need to stop making “excuses” for our lack of commitment, and start listing all the “reasons” why we should and must increase our witness to that commitment.

During this Trinity season, let us show our commitment to God by our continuing presence each and every time that the Holy Sacrifice is offered. Let us avail ourselves of each and every opportunity to grow in our understanding and comprehension of the Mystery of the Triune God. Let us stop making excuses for our failure to answer God’s call. And Let us be even more inventive in articulating and putting into action all the reasons why we must heed Him.

Yours in Christ, 

Daniel J. Jennings+

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