Walsingham associates – November 2016


While we are approaching the close of another “Church Year,” with the start of Advent on Sunday, November 27th, the focus of our spiritual reflection becomes the Kingdom of God.  Our recent celebration of the Solemnity of Christ the King this past Sunday and of course the keeping of the Festival of All Saints draw our attention to the coming Kingdom for which we long, and the reign of Christ as both Lord and Savior who comes among us to set us free of the bondage of both sin and death.  The goal of our spiritual journey must always be God and the Kingdom where we are to know and love Him for all eternity.  Aided by the prayers of the saints, encouraged by their example and strengthened by their fellowship may we join with them in that “blest communion, fellowship divine” coming with them to shine in the glory of God’s Kingdom. 

I have just completed reading and meditating on the contents of a wonderful book on Ignatian Spirituality. If you are seeking to continue to grow in the life of prayer and meditation, and I trust you are as all Christians should, I would recommend it to you.  It is an easy read, practical and thorough and well suited as spiritual reading and for meditation.  Great reading during the season of Advent.  You, no doubt, might order a copy from AMAZON: 


A Spirituality for Real Life 

by James Martin, SJ 

May Mary, Queen of All Saints, pray for you.  And may you always be aware of the blessing and love of her Son.

 Fr. Lutz

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