Walsingham Associates – September 2017

Good Friends: 

     On Friday, September 8th, Christians will be celebrating the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of Our Lord, a day that arrives nine months after our celebration of her Immaculate Conception on December 8th.  We are to be reminded that devotion to the Virgin Mary is as old as the Church herself, with Christians from earliest days recognizing Mary as the most perfect example of human holiness and redemption in the grace of Jesus Christ her Son.  Mary shows us what humanity can become, what you and I can become, when redeemed most perfectly by the grace of Jesus.  Her life from its beginning stands as an example for all Christians.  Participating as we do in the living devotion offered the Virgin Mary by the Church on this day we are moved to seek her intercessions, that she pray for us, and in so doing becoming personally aware of her presence with us as the Mother of God, and our Mother as she accompanies us in our earthly pilgrimage. 

     Take time on Friday in recalling the birth of Mary giving thanks for her chosen as she is, “full of grace,” to be the bearer of the eternal Word, Jesus, Son of God and her Son.  She who is higher than the cherubim and more glorious than the seraphim, for whom angels sing their praises, comes to faithful hearts to show us always, her Son, Jesus.  You may wish to offer the recitation of the Rosary in honor of Mary’s Nativity, remembering with gratitude her shrine at Walsingham, recalling all of those prayers offered there as well as at our shrine at Saint James.  We have been praying regularly each month at Saint James’ Walsingham Shrine in reciting the Rosary with intention for our growth in numbers as a parish family and in holiness of life.  Recent weeks bear witness to that growth in numbers at Sunday Mass confident as we are that Mary’s intercessions avail much to those faithful to and patient in prayer.  Mary pray that we may continue to grow in numbers and in holiness of life. 

Blessed art thou Mary, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus.  Mother of God pray for us. 

Fr. Lutz

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