Trinity XVI – 2017 – Bulletin

The Sixteenth Sunday after Trinity

October 1, 2017

Holy Mass at 8:00 AM

Morning Prayer at 10:00 AM

Sung Mass at 10:30 AM 


 Asperges me    Thou shalt purge me with hyssop O Lord and I shall be

                                 clean. Thou shalt wash me and I shall be whiter than

                                 snow. Have mercy upon me, O God, after thy great

                                 goodness. According to the multitude of thy mercy, do

                                 away mine offenses.  Glory be…world with out end.  Amen

The Mass begins on page C 79 of “The Anglican Missal”.

The “Propers” (Introit, collects, etc.) for Trinity XVI may be found on

page  C 77  of “The Anglican Missal”. 


Kyrie eleison 

Gloria in excelsis        Mass in C                                      Gounod

The Collects

The Epistle Lesson

Gradual and Alleluia

The Holy Gospel

The Sermon                                                                               


Offertory Hymn         “ O Blest Creator of the light”

                                     English (Green) Hymnal   51

The General Confession

Prayer for the Whole State of Christ’s Church

Sanctus & Benedictus   Mass in C                                   Gounod        

The Canon of the Mass

Agnus Dei                   Mass in C                                      Gounod     

Communion Hymn     “In heavenly love abiding”

                                    American (1940) Hymnal    431

The Last Gospel 

 The Angelus

                       The Angel of the Lord brought tidings unto Mary*

                        And she conceived  by the Holy Ghost

                        Hail, Mary…

                        Behold  the handmaid of the Lord*

                        Be it unto me according to thy word.

                        Hail, Mary…

                        And the Word was made flesh*

                        And dwelt among us.

                        Hail, Mary…


Final Hymn                 “Lord, with glowing heart I’d praise thee”

                                    American (1940) Hymnal   454


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