Trinity IX Bulletin – 2017


The Ninth Sunday After Trinity

August 13, 2017

Morning Prayer at 10:00 AM

Sung Mass at 10:30 AM


Prelude                        “Priere”                                            Joseph Jongen

Asperges me

The Mass begins on page B 26  of “The Anglican Missal”.

The “Propers” (Introit, collects, etc.) for Trinity IX may be found on

page C 68– C 70  of “The Anglican Missal”


Kyrie eleison

Gloria in excelsis        “Mass in D”                            Titcombe


The Epistle:

Gradual & Alleluia

The Holy Gospel:  .

The Nicene Creed

The Sermon                                                            The Rector


Offertory Hymn        “At the name of Jesus”

American (1940) Hymnal 356 (1st tune)

 Prayer for the Whole State of Christ’s Church

The General Confession

Sanctus  et Benedictus          “Mass in D”                Titcombe

The Canon of the Mass

Agnus Dei                                    “Mass in D”                 Titcombe


Communion Hymn   “Father we thank thee”

American (1940) Hymnal 195

Post Communion Collect

The Last Gospel

The Angelus  

Final Hymn    “All people that on earth do dwell”

American (1940) Hymnal 278

Postlude                                 “Postlude                          Everette Titcombe

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